Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Little update

We're all still missing George and the house still seems really weird without him. The cat dynamics have changed and Tink is now really ruling the house with Connie second in command, Connie doesn't dare cross Tink. Josh is doing well and seems a lot happier and settled. He's been following me round loads.

I had some reiki last week and the lady asked me at the end if i had a ginger and white cat because she could feel one sitting on the chair in the room. I wonder if Josh really followed me there too

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Josh's dad

Josh's surrogate dad George died yesterday. George was 17 and we adopted him when he was 13. George had been ill a lot in the past year and we almost lost him last Christmas and earlier this year. He'd be having difficulties with his bladder and had a mass in it. On Sunday night he had a seizure and during the day he'd stopped eating and just kept trying to go to the litter tray. The vet said he really needed to improve within 24 hours but he didn't. Yesterday he had another seizure and we took him to the vets and he was put to sleep in my arms.

Josh adored George, he forever followed him about and loved to rub round him. Today is Josh's birthday, he's two today and nothing we can do will cheer him up. He's jsut been lost all day, wandering around and not settling down to sleep. I feel so sad for losing George, well devastated and I feel so sorry for Josh too.