Sunday, 15 February 2009

a long time away

i seem to find so many things to do online i keep forgetting to come back here.

Josh is doing really well and yesterday i got round to uploading all his kitten pictures onto flickr hopefully that link works. there's nearly 100 pictures on there of him from kittenhood to the present day

josh as a baby
this is one of my favourite pictures of him as a baby, he loved that toy bird

orangey joshy
this one i just took the other day - still such a handsome chap

we recently had a ton of snow which is really rare round here. Josh's partner in crime Perkins loved it - i couldn't get him to stay indoors

perkins trying to catch a snowball

josh meanwhile didn't know what to make of the snow, so made it just outside the back door but for a cat who a bit of a scardy cat i think he did quite well!

the furthest josh made it

hopefully i will now update more often and have the time to look round your blogs too!