Saturday, 2 August 2008

Biscuit challenges

In the past few months Josh has become obsessed with my cat George's biscuits, it's part of the obsessive part of his behaviour. George is getting really old and Josh get so excited when I go to feed George that he pushes up against George and knocks him off his feet. George is on a prescription diet for a sensitive tummy and Josh loves those biscuits.

Josh gets very excited by the biscuits so I've been teaching him to have his biscuits in a different room. He learns really really quickly, and is already coming into the hall to have his biscuits and I'm trying to get him to move to the utility room. I've previously taught Josh to sit on command, it's just because he responds well in general to what we say!

Right now he is lying on the sofa next to me snoozing and cuddling his soft toy puffin.

josh and his puffin


jesshickman said...

Yay for a Joshie blog!!
*adds to bookmarks*

SeriousCat said...

yay, a Joshie blog, lurv Joshie