Saturday, 2 August 2008

Busy life

josh being confused
josh at six weeks old

Josh gets up to so much on a daily basis that I thought I'd start him his own blog.

There isn't much room to write about Josh's history so i thought I'd just jot it down.

Josh came to live with us in October 2006. We'd got a call from an animal charity who had him and their vet had recommended he was put to sleep due to his oversized head and lack of coordination. They asked me if I would take him and foster him (another charity was willing to pay any bills). So we took a two hour drive to Kent to pick him up. The first time I held him, he wriggled like crazy but on the drive home he just slept on my lap!

Josh spent a lot of his first months back and forth at the vets, he'd got a cold and the vets also weren't sure if he would survive the water on his brain. He became a bit of a celebrity at the vets.

Thankfully Josh pulled through and by then we'd already decided to keep him and shortly after adopted his best friend in the world Perkins.

Josh is now two years old. He's much more coordinated and has grown into quite a big cat. The biggest issues for him now are more mental orientated. He can get confused easily and suffers from extreme emotions, he can be manically happy or desperately upset which can be really sad at times. He's never grown very tall and can only jump onto chairs but nothing higher. Sometimes it makes me sad when I see Perkins jump on our garden fence and then jump off and go and play in the fields. Josh never leaves the garden because he cant jump high enough and his emotions means he gets extremely frightened or new things.

But Josh is happy, he's well loved and this blog will be about him and his funny little stories.

perkins and josh bbf
Josh and Perkins today


Diana said...

I have a special place in my heart for Joshie. My Aunt was actually born with the same condition. The Dr's told my Grandmother that she would not live to be a year old. We just celebrated her 75th birthday last month. :) I wish Josh the same kind of success. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for starting a Josh journal :) He is a lovely boy and you gave him a chance at life - you really did rescue him :)

Shadow / Molly said...

Before we gotted the woofie Jake here, a vet said that he thought Jake had the same thing. Luck for hims he has had no more seizures and doesnt show signs of water on the brain.

Yay for Josh for showing those beans they was wrong. A 4 paws up for you beans hasing faith in Josh.

~ Shadow ~

Moki said...

Hi Josh,

It is nice to meet another special needs kitty. While I don't have water on the brain (no one know quite what I have,) I do have a slightly under developed cerebellum which is surrounded by slightly more cerebellar fuild than most kitties. I was born completely normal and then I got sick. Now I have coordination problems amongst other things. I can sympathize with your struggles and I would like very much to be your friend.